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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April Moon 14: Day 8 -- Wild


What feelings does this word evoke? What sorts of memories does it recall? Which of your senses start to tingle? How would you represent what this word means to you?

'Not me' is what this word says to me. That'd be in the context of something unrestrained, uncontrolled. Even though I had times when I was definitely out of control, I was still IN control, pretty much, actually. I am a people pleaser, alas, and usually tried to do what was expected of me or what I thought someone wanted me to do. Even during those years when I was making poor choices in some areas, I worked very hard to make up for it in others -- and of course that didn't work well, but I didn't really get it at the time.

What I remember is the stress of trying to hide the poor choices by working very hard at other things, and feeling guilty much of the time, which of course led to more poor choices.

That was a very long time ago. I didn't let go of the stress of people pleasing for a long time, though, even after I cleaned up my act. When I finally began to understand who I really was and accepted that, everything changed for me. 'Wild' is still not really who I am, but I have learned how to relax into myself and be happy.

I live on 11 acres of mostly wild: my landscaping is 'natural,' meaning that there is no grassy manicured lawn, no flower beds, no intentional plantings. I have blue oak trees and natural grasses and wildflowers sometimes, and the deer come practically to my back door. The bird feeders attract hundreds of brilliantly yellow goldfinches and red house finches and opalescent mourning doves and fiery-throated hummingbirds -- all wild, and we sit at our table and listen to the squawks and chirps and whistles as we watch them vie for seed and nectar. We hear coyotes in the evening, not far away. Raccoons and skunks and possums will visit the front porch to raid the cat food if we don't bring it inside quickly enough at dusk. Big jackrabbits hop across the meadows and sometimes we have a flock of wild turkeys lurching their way through. We hear the hunting cry of hawks every day, and the turkey vultures soar with the air currents across the trees, casting big winged shadows on the ground.

That's the kind of wild I love. We get to watch from the safety of our house, get to walk over the property and sit outside  and observe what goes on, feeling the energy of the life around us.

I'm content to be 'in' the wild but not 'of' the wild, to be who I am.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Garden gone

The bad news: either the wind of the last few days blew open the garden gate (which has a sometimes tenuous latch) or I didn't close it properly -- or a combination of the two. The deer enjoyed a lovely salad luncheon, including the almost-ready-to-be-harvested leaf lettuce and swiss chard, radish sprouts, cucumber plants, a sweet pepper plant, delicately tendriled sugar snap pea plants, and even the new mesclun and onion sprouts.

Most of the yet-unpotted flowers -- although they're not fond of marigolds nor lantana, I discovered. And a good helping of rhubarb leaves, although they left the stalks, mostly.

I hope they got sick. Not fatally, just uncomfortably. They've been spending their days under the carport, in little beds they scrape out from the gravel there. Watching the garden grow, probably, and waiting for their chance.

So Monday I will be back out there, replanting lettuce and chard and cukes and peppers. Planting the rhubarb and hoping that it will survive. Salvaging the flowers. And making sure the damned gate latches tightly.

I also have new prayer flags to top the fence. Let's hope the rising prayers will protect the new plants from the deer, but also from moles, bugs, and other things that like new veggies.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Foiled again...

The pesky raccoons are still enjoying a nightly snack of cat food, despite the fact that we've rigged a protective wire barrier around the food dish. It slows them down. But the brazen critters have gone so far as to use the water dish to wash their food/paws.

We've been stalking them for what -- two years? Three years? We bring the food in at dark most nights, bringing it back out and allowing the outside kitties a bedtime snack but under our watchful eyes. But if we're gone at dusk or forget, the masked bandit waste no time.

The latest one is smaller and younger than the huge old boar that was frequenting the Maxey diner last winter, and tonight I watched him stand up and look around, clearly unsettled. But his desire for easy chow overcame his caution, and he was behind the wire when Tony came charging out of the door, shotgun in hand.

Oh, he took off then and rounded the corner, Tony right behind him, and then just disappeared. We shined lights into all the nearby trees: nothing. It was breezeless and still; we heard zip. We don't know what happens when he goes around the corner, but if he was in a tree, he was high and hugging tight.

The wire barrier has deterred the deer from coming up on the porch, but not the others. I worry that one of the cats -- probably Weasley, the protector -- will confront a raccoon and get injured, although we have seen Weasley hustle one of them away from the house. Still, they can be so fierce.

I'm sure that in the raccoon den, the old boar tells the youngsters the story of the strange humans, and how funny they look when the man comes charging out of the front door carrying a flashlight and a shotgun. Or how it's a great laugh when the woman flies out of the door, barking like a giant Rottweiler while the man is waiting for a shot on the side stoop, and how the old 'coon foils them all by going around the OTHER side of the house, laughing all the way with a full tummy.

One of these days, Mr. Raccoon. One of these days....