Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The state of loving

Friday marks five years of our wedded life together, and it seems like so much longer! We've been together for going on eight. While I can remember life without Tony, married life at that, this is so different, so intertwined, and so loving. This is what poets write about, what romance novels promise, what few people, I believe, ever really experience. We are blessed, and we know it. Thanks to the universe.

This has been a month of ups and downs, travels, travails, closings, and beginnings.

My dear little mother is failing, although she works so hard at living. It was a joy to be with her for her birthday, and to talk with her brother Tom who also was there. Hard to watch her struggle to eat, to brush her teeth, to do much of anything. My brother Jimmy was there two weeks after I was. Both of us did what we could with doctors, nurses, meds, but the bottom line is that it likely won't be too much longer before she joins Daddy. I held it together, with just a few leaky moments, until she told me, after I was back home, that they'd put her on the 'feeder's side,' which she had dreaded. It means such loss of independence, of dignity! That did me in, and I sobbed -- as soon as I was off the phone with her. Nonetheless, she's trying to make the best of it, and they've moved a couple of women who are reasonably cognizant to her table. Bless her. And again, thanks to the universe for her, and her love for us.

I recently received a thank you from a client that just MADE my whole career as an agent feel worthwhile. She was so happy with my work, with her land, and how she was treated. I'll treasure that one, and remember it when transactions aren't as pleasant.

And just in the last few days we've gotten a new listing and written an offer -- so the wheel turns a little more.

We're celebrating our fifth on the waters of SF Bay, just as we celebrated our wedding day. It's only a little bit of time away, but it'll be good for us.