Saturday, March 21, 2015

#Reverb 15 -- March -- Decluttering

The prompt: Spring favorites | Cleaning out the closet, updating your beauty regime, tackling DIY projects.  What are your favorites this spring?

I swear that I am in a constant state of decluttering....closet twice a year when I switch from warm clothes to cool clothes, the office every time I sit down at my very messy desk, the kitchen when I open a messy drawer, the linen closet weekly when I put away clean, folded sheets. And don't get me started on the attic.

It just never quite seems to come together, though. There is always more to do. It is never finished.

The last few months have been interesting, though, in that through my reiki group and increasing passion for this healing modality, I have read more about astrological influences and energy involvement than I have ever studied. This past week, for instance, was a huge week with a new super moon, a solar eclipse, and the spring equinox. There were other astrological references that I only vaguely understand, but involving cycles and degrees, beginnings and endings.

I understand beginnings and endings. And the energy felt tumultuous, big, charged. It was a time for big change, a time to let go of things that no longer serve our best interests to make way for new things to come into our lives. It was a time for evaluating everything, including relationships and projects. And its effects continue through the next six months, so no, I didn't have to get everything done this week.

But I'm embracing this spiritual journey that reiki seems to have launched me into, planning to continue training with three days of level two training coming up, and opportunities for 'woo-woo' workshops appearing. I am appreciating the energy and wisdom that my little group of reiki students/practitioners offers, and learning so much.

Practically, I'm again cleaning out closets as I contemplate cool clothes (since our winter appears to be quite over), and discarding bits of paper, cosmetics, medicines, tubes, boxes, and the like that accumulate in drawers over time. I am finally throwing out three bags of fabric that I cut into pattern sections (along with the now outdated patterns) oh so many years ago, facing the truth that no, I will not ever sew them, and wouldn't wear them anymore anyway. More, more, more of this kind of cleaning out!

And more more more of the 'woo-woo' experiences that are resonating with my deepest self right now.

Monday, March 02, 2015

#Reverb15 -- February

Wuv, twue wuv...Love is strange | What characteristic or habit of yours is so odd, you'd be mortified if your partner ever discovered it? Alternatively, what makes you a total goober and your other half still loves you for it? If you're single, let your freak flag fly and tell us about what you're afraid might turn off a potential mate. 

Well, I'm a little late, by two days, to this prompt for February, and honestly, I'm not sure about it.

At this stage in my life, I'm pretty much What You See is What You Get....not about being 'mortified' if my partner discovered some habit or characteristic. Actually, I gave up that deceptive practice a long time ago.

And that's a GOOD thing.

Why hide a part of who you are from your partner? How does that make for open, honest communication if you share only what you think s/he would want to know about you? How would you feel if your partner withheld a part of him/herself from you because s/he was afraid you wouldn't love/like them anymore, or if you would be horrified at learning about a habit or characteristic? 

I don't much like surprises, especially surprises like those. I want to know all about the warts, the uglies, the nasties, the funkies. If I can't handle those details, then the relationship isn't one I should be in. And I hate even worse being blindsided -- I mean, don't YOU?

Seems to me that if you have a habit or characteristic that you think is so awful that you can't talk about it to someone who you claim to love and cherish that maybe you'd better both take a look at the habit AND think about why you're reluctant to 'fess up to your partner.

Do I have little habits and characteristics that are hinky? Yup. But he loves me. And he knows them all, as I know his. No secrets here. And that's a GOOD thing.