Saturday, March 03, 2007

Spring back to healthy intentions

Spring is springing all over the place here and it's hard to believe that in the Midwest, snow and ice are everywhere and it's frigid. Brrrr. As one who was raised in the Midwest and lived there most of my life, I remember all too well. What spring?... it was usually between 2:05 and 2:08 on one May day, right after the snow melts and just before it turns hot and humid.

It was over 70 degrees here today and we're expecting more of the same for much of this next week. Actually, I'd like temps to stay in the 60s for a while...I'm not quite willing to let go of sweats and sweaters and snuggly comforters at night. I like it cooler more than I like hotter.

And with thoughts of spring comes those rebirth-renewal kinds of thoughts: clean everything! Wash windows! Spruce up the house! Think about spring clothes! Look at the fat that winter weather has left on that very pale, white body!

Oh, that last one. Those15 pounds have crept on sloooowwwlly over these past four years and I can feel them I can see them in that not-so-spare tire flopping over the slightly too tight jeans. Oh, my clothes still fit -- but they are bordering on too tight, and I simply refuse to buy larger sizes again. Been there, done that.

It's this sweet tooth. My dad had one too -- he always had ice cream or cookies or something after dinner, before bedtime. My brother has cookies and milk as his bedtime snack. And I am addicted to sugar. There. I confessed.

I'm fairly good about not eating stuff that is bad, including sugar, but I neeeeeeed a little bit every day, sometimes more than once a day. Just a small piece of chocolate. A little ice cream bar, low fat and no sugar added.


That coupled with no consistent exercise is why I'm feeling fat.

When I was doing yoga twice a week, I could really tell in my abs and arms. I walk, but not consistently -- at least once a week, tryng for 3 times a week. That helps overall. But I haven't done either lately.

So I guess it's time for another new beginning, another intention. I cannot put on any more weight. I need to have less sugar, more exercise, smaller portions of food. I KNOW how to do it. I just yield too easily to temptation, at least when it comes to sugar. Back to one day at a time, hm?

I'm reading Salem Falls by Jodi Piccoult in addition to half a dozen magazines: Cooking Light, Sunset, Women's Day, Family Circle, Newsweek, Realtor...

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