Friday, April 27, 2007

Gettin' warm

With the highs expected to be in the 90s the next couple of days, I reluctantly admit that winter is over and the chance of real rain is pretty much gone.

Very reluctantly.

I really love colder weather, I guess. I love sweaters and sweats, thick socks. I adore having the woodstove going, merrily blazing and radiating heat throughout the house. I relish flannel sheets, cool bedrooms, and warm down comforters.

I do not like sweating. I don't like sunburn. And while I love sunshine, I get so tired of endlessly bright days without so much as a drop of rain to settle the dust, or a summer thunderstorm to clear the air.

The best part of summer for me is my garden. The green rows of lettuce, beans, tomatoes, squash and flavorful herbs feed us well throughout the long summer days, and then into winter when I freeze sauces and veggies. I love the smell of recently watered soil and the fresh scent of green growth.

In the crunchy brown of summer here, the garden is this little oasis of humid green. The cats love to hang out there, bellies against the cool, damp earth, hiding under big zucchini leaves or the giant sunflowers, and when I call them, at least one always wanders to the porch from that direction.

Guess I'd better dig out the shorts and loose tees. It's coming, like it or not.

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