Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Practicing Gratitude

The weather changed over the course of this day, going from mild and breezy
this morning, with sun and puffy clouds, to much cooler, much cloudier, and
spatters of rain on the windshield as I was coming back from town this
afternoon. I hope the spatters will lead to rain, but the stars are bright
tonight so I have little real hope.

Although the rolling meadows have increasing spots of golden, there are
still blossoms everywhere. The trees, while not the young green of spring,
are not the tired blue of fall either, and are vibrant and full of healthy
energy. My little garden has green rows of lettuce, sugar snap peas, teensy
spires of green onion, and what may be two rows of radishes (I can't
remember). Those fearless seedlings sway in the wind and just hang on.It was
cold enough tonight for a fire and it felt good. The forecast looks showery
and cool for the rest of the week, too -- appropriate April weather! This is
a beautiful place to live.

I am grateful for the chance to be so close to the earth, to dig in it, to
feel sun and rain on my face, to watch the wind whip the trees. I'm grateful
to feed four old horses morning and night (okay, okay...Tony feeds them in
the morning 9 times out of 10) and give them pats on those soft, old,
velvety noses and on solid necks. To listen to them chomp happily on their
evening meal of bran and supplements and hay. To have them greet us with
nickers and the occasional impatient kick at the barn wall. We're borrowing
them, these horses, while their owners are on vacation, but they know us and
watch for us.

I'm grateful to be without eminent health issues, to feel good, to sleep
soundly at night, to be able to walk and garden and read and type without
physical issues. I'm grateful for music that sings deep in my soul when I
hear it. I'm grateful for the hugs of understanding friends and neighbors
and e-mails from others. I'm grateful for the universe giving us second
chances and putting opportunity in our paths.

I'm grateful, always and most, for Tony. This relationship, this amazing
love, is what makes everything else special. I'm grateful for a comfortable,
warm bed. And that's where I'm going. Goodnight.

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