Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Unseasonably wonderful weather

Today was simply amazing, weather-wise. I woke very early to the sound and earthy scent of RAIN -- this is practically unheard of in Red Bluff in the summer! And to top it off, it was cool outside. In fact, it's been cool enough to have open windows at night for many days -- we've had to remind ourselves that this is July, not October or April.

While I think that points north and west got a lot more rain, we had enough that there were big puddles and moist ground, and most of the day was overcast and cool. No air conditioning or swamp cooler today! Just open windows, savoring breezes. Thunder rumbled in the distance for several hours this afternoon, and enormous dark clouds loomed to the west and north, but nothing got close enough to make me turn off the computer.

Right now, it appears that we won't see 100 for another week. It makes me wonder a little if winter is going to be very cold and long -- but hey. I'll take it if it means a cooler summer, and certainly we've had that lately, although parts of June and early July were scorchers.

I'm sure someone will link this to global warming somehow. Yeah, I'm one of the skeptics...I've heard and read enough that I'm simply not convinced that the sky is falling. While I believe it is our responsibility to be careful and conservative about our disposables, our resources, and our consumption, I think much of what is ballyhooed as global warming is a cyclical event.

But I stray into political waters, where my intent is simply to express gratitude for a wonderful respite from crispy summer weather.

On a sadder note, we are down to two outside kitties: Weasley and Harry. Muggle finally succumbed to whatever illness it was that started a year ago, and we had to put down little grey Hermione about two months ago because she had the same thing. We believe genetics were at work here -- both kitties were small, from the same litter, and both had had problems. Their momma Lulu, a very placid porch kitty, disappeared for days, then showed up clearly sick, but before I could get her to a vet, she disappeared again -- we think under the shed to die. She hasn't shown up since.

Outside kitties are subject to so many perils -- and yet, their hunting skills have kept rattlesnakes at bay on our property since we've lived her. We're good to our kitties: they have plenty of good food to eat, they get their shots, they have dry, safe, warm places to sleep and hang out, and they get plenty of petting. And we've lost six in the last four years to illness (4), one to a predator, and one just disappeared. It makes us sad -- we consider them pets -- but they're pets with a job.

After we return from a trip back east, we'll probably get two or three young ones to keep the boys company. Weasley will take 'em to raise. Harry would prefer to be the only cat, but he'll come around. Hopefully the new ones will be healthier.

I'm going to go climb into a nice soft bed, pull the covers up, savor the cool air floating through the open windows, curl up next to my honey, and sleep. You too.

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