Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Snitch and Squib

Two three-month-old kittens are residing in the second bath by night and on the porch by day, much to the dismay of Cheswick and McMurphy, who have pretty much ignored me all day except to hiss.

One -- Snitch -- is a pale golden and very personable. He's active, loves to bat a ball, wants to be held and petted, and will adapt well. Squib, on the other hand, is very reserved, nervous about this whole thing, and prefers to watch what's going on, especially if it's somewhere he can hide. I wish he were a little more like Snitch. He's also a pale ginger, but a little more orange and a little fatter. His eyes are green and smaller than Snitch's.

Weasley seems very mellow about the newcomers and would like, I think, to make friends, but Squib will have none of that. Snitch will sit near Weasley and even sniff a little, if he thinks Weasley's attention is elsewhere, but they're not to the grooming point, although I doubt that'll take long. Harry, of course, just hisses, although even he is very curious.

McMurphy practically came through the door window yesterday when I'd brought them home and was watching them acclimate. He twisted himself into a kitty pretzel to try to see beyond what the window would allow, and I swear, his eyes practically glowed red.

He is not at all happy that he can hear mews from beyond the bathroom door. He hates that we smell of new kitten and both hissed and batted at even his beloved Tony this morning. He spent the day on the floor of the bedroom, looking moodily at the backyard and ignoring everything: food, a visitor, me, Cheswick. He came out when Tony came home and has proceeded to do his usual fawning over his favorite person, but I'm pretty much chopped liver that's been sitting out for three days.

Both of them gave the new scratching pad I'd bought as a peace offering, with fresh catnip even, a cursory sniff and stalked off. Harumpf.

It's been awhile since we had kittens and they are so entertaining and so sweet, and acclimating them takes time and patience. For now, the fence I've rigged will help keep them safe during the day, I think, and the novelty will wear off eventually for the other cats.

They were rescues -- a family had taken in two strays. both pregnant, and they just couldn't keep the kittens. Alas, three-month-plus-old kittens are never the priority adoptions at the pound, and the owner was very happy that I took both. There were two more younger ones, longhairs, and I will not do that again. I hope they find good homes.

So Weasley has some new almost=playmates. Thank you!

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