Thursday, May 01, 2008

Weird, wacky spring in northern California

It's been 90 degrees at times in the past couple of weeks, and yet much of Tehama County had a frost on April 20 (we didn't out here -- five miles from town). The other night, it was downright cold. Today goes back to the 80s, and we won't see anything below 80 for at least 10 days, according to Yahoo weather.

Not good on the health -- lots of snuffling and wondering what to wear, as closets hold both short and long-sleeved shirts, shorts next to sweats, and sandals alongside woolly slippers.

The plants are confused. My tomatoes -- the ones that survived whatever seems to be snacking in the garden -- are either blooming like mad or droopy. A neighbor's, however, are beautiful, tall, and blooming, and I expect to see tiny tomatoes any day.

Speaking of entire artichoke plant -- the first time I've planted one -- disappeared. Completely. I'm wondering if we have a gourmet gopher, although most of the rest of it seems fine (yeah, missing a couple of pepper plants and at least one tomato). The cats don't nibble the plantlife, but I sure wish they'd get the stupid gopher, if that's what it is. Nothing gets in there except cats, lizards and gophers -- no bunnies. There's an 8-foot fence with critter fencing, and the deer don't get in there either.

Thank you, Tim Heardon, for the shout-out on your blog! That was a delightful surprise.

And speaking of art, try to catch the North Valley Art League 17th juried photo show that opened yesterday at Redding's Carter House Gallery in Caldwell Park. Tony and I were lucky enough to help shuttle photos back and forth as the juror did his picks, and always learn from the experience. Most important this year was to shoot where you are -- photograph things you know in our beautiful north state, but try to see it with a creative eye.

Isn't that always the challenge, in any art form?

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