Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Aw, crap

Mercury is once again in retrograde, which means that communication is likely to be difficult on many fronts, and mistakes are likely in anything written.

And today is one of those days when the energy is just off. At least mine is, and my daughters are having their own issues today as well. Princess #1 is trying to cope with some depression stuff, and at 7 a.m. was not doing well -- I hope she is by now. That's not a good way to begin the day, however, for either of us.

And Princess #3 is likely to have her baby tonight, a few days earlier than expected, because of some health issues. It should work out -- her significant other was in San Francisco at least rather than much farther away, and is headed back at this writing, so he should be there in ample time, and the docs have delayed the process (it's by C-section) accordingly. She was trying to cope as well.

And of course I have deadlines, so am stewing over meeting those. And we have our own little health repairs scattered over the next few months, so there is a sense of needing to tidy up loose ends.

I feel a little out of sorts -- not crabby, not frantic, just not balanced. A little concerned for the well-being of my daughters, and also aware that there is absolutely not one thing I can do to make things better for them, other than being here to listen when they call. Which I'm very glad that they do.

I don't like feeling out of balance, unsettled and a little emotional...I think weather has not helped either: it's been windy for two days, and everyone including the cats gets a little edgy with it. The deer are simply not around -- I think they hide in the low places when it's like this.

Tomorrow will be different, at least, and hopefully some of today's problems will be resolved in a good way. The universe is still at odds until June 19, but maybe I'll cope with it better.

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