Saturday, July 26, 2008

Trying to let it go

The anger, fear, and conflicting emotions of that last post have come and gone in waves this week, but are still very much occupying my mind. I learn things every few days that make my stomach churn uneasily, and I have no real idea how this mess can be resolved without a full-scale rescue.

Pray for clarity of thought, I guess, and remember that I am powerless over people, places and things. Pray that she will be safe and somehow will find the strength and resources to get out of the situation before she is further harmed by it. Keep talking.

I've had some nice moments this week though in spite of the ice weasels, on their quieter days. We've enjoyed some time with friends, and I got to wander through the Farmer's Market ogling all the peaches, tomatoes, beans, squash, and flowers. Bought some lovely fresh raspberries which we ate on our steel-cut oats this morning, and just the taste made me think of my Duluth, Minn. grandparents and the raspberry bushes that we'd pick, braving bees and briars.

The smoke is back, though. We opened windows the other night to let cool, fresh air in and got to use the swamp cooler instead of AC for a day -- but the second night we woke to smoke in the air, even though it was cool. So AC went back on and has remained so. Yesterday the sun was dimly orange in a whitish-yellow-gray sky and the smoke never really went away. Today was some better. This is still fires from the west and north of us, although many of the others have been contained. Even the locals don't remember such a smoky summer.

I'm reading Jodi Picoult's Nineteen Minutes and I can't say it's a fun read. The subject is school shootings and bullying, and it is so sad for all the characters. Her books aren't light reading anyway, but this one really is both riveting and repugnant.

I think I need a little laughter tonight. Maybe I'll see what's on TV...

This morning was my happiest moment of the day -- eating fresh, luscious raspberries on hot oatmeal with good honey drizzled over it -- or maybe it was just waking up with my honey snugged next to me and a large-and-in-charge gray cat draping himself over both of us to be petted.

Ask the universe for what you want. Be grateful every day, for at least one thing in your life. Be kind to someone you don't know--just because he or she is someone's child and may need a smile or a kind word.

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