Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A little bit political -- a whole lotta funny

I don't generally do politics here. You can find lots of commentary elsewhere, including on my dearest hubby's Cat-E-Whompus, but I don't often climb on that particular soapbox, at least here.

But here's some fun stuff floating around the virtual world.

Want to know what YOUR Palin name would be? I'm Geese Whalebone Palin. Who are YOU?

And are your views closer to McCain's or to Obama's? Take this little test. Might surprise you.

And everyone's favorite JibJab has a new one about this year's presidential campaign. No matter which way you're leaning, you gotta love it.

Oh. My disclaimer.

My political views rarely parallel those of my dear husband. When the Republican National Party calls seeking funds, I always answer them: "You've got the wrong Maxey" and hang up.

We have interesting discussions during elections. Neither of us has changed the other's mind, but we at least listen to each other's viewpoints. And usually learn something.

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