Wednesday, October 08, 2008


My second eye surgery was yesterday -- the other cataract was removed, this time in eight minutes (it was earlier -- maybe he hadn't quite gotten into the groove).

I can read the computer screen while actually leaning back in my chair, not hunched over the keyboard with my nose 8 inches from the screen.

I can watch TV and actually see the characters from my favorite chair.

With one of the many pairs of readers I have from when I needed to wear them with my contacts, I can read the newspaper and books at a reasonable distance, not held way up to my face.

My eyesight this morning tested 20/20 without correction of any kind.

And all this is with my eye still dilated some from the surgery. I am in awe of this miracle. I am grateful to those who have invented ways of doing it -- one nurse told me that not all that many years ago cataract patients had their heads immobilized with blocks and had to be flat on their backs for 10 days. I am grateful to be able to see again, better, actually, than I've ever seen.

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