Friday, November 07, 2008

Art! in our town, tonight!

Tonight is the sixth annual ArtWalk in our little town, sponsored by the Tehama County Arts Council of which I am a member and past president.

It is just a wonderful event in downtown Red Bluff, with 21 stores opening their doors to local artists and the public, and featuring wine tasting, food, music, and wonderful, wonderful artworks of all mediums.

I'll have four photos at Heartfelt Designs as will my honey, and there are three floors of art in that venue -- not only are there lots of wonderful photographs from the Tehama County Photo Club, but there are vibrant paintings, imaginative sculptures by Jay Murphy (who I interviewed earlier this year), and fiber art -- soft alpaca socks, hats and vests, gorgeous yarns, rugs, clothing and more.

But what is really great is how so many people come to downtown and walk up and down, dipping into each venue to see the art, sample food, and talk with the artists. It brings people together to celebrate the creativity in this county.

Redding has a similar event once a month -- the ArtHop -- which is tomorrow night. I wrote another story about one exhibit in this month's event which celebrates Shasta County veterans and their service. I'm hoping to get there for that reception.

Life is richer when you have art in your life. If you don't create it, then go see it. Buy it. Surround yourself with things you like to look at or music you love to hear. It makes a huge difference in your mood and your overall wellbeing.

See you tonight?

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