Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Having a baaaaaad day?

Today's Daily Om has a good message -- not that I'm necessarily having a bad day, mind you, but it does help to put a perspective on things.

Nobody gets through life without pain and suffering. Just flat nobody.

The level of pain and suffering differs. Sometimes there is physical pain, which can sap everything in you, take joy right out of you. Sometimes there is mental pain -- which does the same. We can get trapped in our own heads, in our business, and it's hard to see any way out. There's grief, fear, anger -- all cause pain, all cause suffering.

The only thing we can really control is how we react to it. Drugs and alcohol may take away physical or mental pain, at least temporarily.

In the end, it's what we do with what we have, where we are, that makes the difference.

Pain and suffering can't stand up too long to gratitude. Even if the pain is still there, gratitude lessens it. Sometimes even the smallest gratitude makes the difference -- a hot cup of tea, a heating pad, a phone call or e-mail from a friend.

Sometimes it's calling the pharmacy and learning that your insurance will only pay for a limited number of tablets for the month -- and it's the exact number that you need until your next doctor visit (when you'll get a prescription change anyway).

Find the blessing, even on bad days. There's at least one there.

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