Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mud-slingers in our midst

I've been reading the comments on our local paper's news site, especially as they pertain to the county sheriff's race.

It's made my blood boil.

First, it's the same people commenting; second, they seem to have little to do except criticize and name-call and sling mud and excrement.

They've gone off on employees, and on businesses whose owners support one candidate or another and/or which are owned by the families of the employees.

Most of the nasty commenters seem to have the corporate mentality that employees must work from 8 to5 and have their rear ends planted firmly in a desk chair -- or in this case, perhaps a patrol car -- at all times: doing 'butt time.'

Never mind that law enforcement is not an 8 to 5 job and that shifts may be for 10 or 12 hours at a stretch, depending on scheduling.

If, god forbid, an employee is seen doing anything personal -- like having lunch, or meeting in a public place, or attending events or participating in non-agency activity -- they say the employee is conducting personal business on company time.

Worse, some have suggested boycotting employee-owned family businesses and other local businesses owned by citizens who have had the audacity to endorse one candidate or another.

Sure, folks: let's send even more of our local dollars to other counties so we can see more vacant storefronts in town and get fewer tax dollars to support our local governmental agencies and programs.

I hate the mudslinging that seems to be part of every single election in this state -- and others, to be fair, and which overshadows any important statements that the candidates might actually issue. I hate that these comments show my chosen city of residence as a backwater, intolerant, narrow-minded haven for ignorant, barely literate people.

I hope the good, intelligent people who I KNOW live here will ask questions and will not allow their vote to be swayed by anything other than what the candidates themselves say and do.


Anonymous said...

It's politics. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Great article. I agree that some people just love to spread vicious lies. You only have to read the many blogs out there to become disheartened. My hat if off to the sheriff candidate who will not lower himself to naysayers standards. Keep up the good work.