Saturday, August 07, 2010

A change of pace

Let's get off the "lecture" circuit for a bit and try an exercise in daily writing for 30 days about books. Thanks to Dianne Sylvan for the suggestion. Don't know how far I'll get, but I'll try to go the distance.

Day 01 – A book series you wish had gone on longer OR a book series you wish would just freaking end already (or both!)

I love reading books in a series when I seriously love the book or the author. (perhaps that's a 'duh'...) I even love reading my way through an author's entire published works, one after another after another. I've read that way since I was a child and worked my way through the Betsy-Tacy stories, the Boxcar Children, the Bobbsey Twins, and all of Laura Ingalls Wilder, one after another.

There are, however, a few that stand out in my admittedly fuzzy memory, after some contemplation, most of them more recent reads (meaning in the last 15 or so years...)

I confess that I would have liked Harry Potter to have gone on for another couple of books, but I suppose it ended when it should have -- not sure I want more about Harry's offspring and ordinary married life, although I appreciated the wrapup in Rowling's last book. I'm eagerly anticipating the last movie(s), but I preferred the books, as I almost always do.

I was introduced to the Kushiel series by a friend and loved the richness of character, place, and story development, and yeah, okay, the tinge of erotica. But the subsequent trilogy about Imriel was not nearly as riveting, and there were times I just wanted to slap the man. I doubt I'll bother with the latest spinoff.

The ultimate series, though, is Lord of the Rings. I tried to get into The Hobbit around 1970 or so, and just didn't get it. But during the summer of 1975 I began reading the Ring Trilogy with the first book I'd checked out from our local library. By the end of the first few chapters, I was totally hooked and dashed back to the library to get the other two, since I knew I'd get little else done until I'd finished the series. It remains the only series that I regularly re-read.

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