Friday, September 17, 2010

The Friday Five

The Friday Five:

What kinds of nagging injuries do you have?

My wrist is the most immediate one, of course: I realized that it's hard for me to get on all fours to do any yoga moves because it just doesn't quite bend all the way, and it's still weak. Maybe a few yoga moves and using it that way will actually strengthen it. And then there are my 'collapsed' feet -- have NO idea how that happened -- that require good arch support in any shoes, often with my custom orthotics, darn it. And my achey shoulder, and then there's this left hip that occasionally catches when I sit for too long in one position. Getting older is such an interesting journey.

What long-procrastinated task is nagging at you lately?

Oh come on. It's the stupid office, of course, and finishing the cleaning that I started way, WAY too long ago. I'm so close to being done though. Which means that then I'll have no excuses left to procrastinate starting that novel, or making jewelry...

In what way have you been a nag to someone else?

Ask my daughters what a wonderful nag I am about attending to something I think should be done -- like making dentist appointments. Or my beloved husband, especially this week when I think he should be going to bed earlier than he has because he has been so jet-lagged. I ask way too many questions, I know. But I want to KNOW stuff. I want DETAILS. I know it comes across as nagging, but it's just because I'm really nosy.

Who in your life is a world-class nag?

I don't really have anyone nagging me except myself. I'm really good at it too, especially when it comes to getting on the treadmill or -- surprise -- cleaning the office. Or getting off the computer and doing something that is actually for the good of the order instead of wasting time on Facebook or that stupid, awful, addictive game, Bejeweled Blitz.

Nag is such an ugly word. What would be a nicer way to describe someone who exhibits nagging tendencies?

Hmm. Encourage is a nice word instead of nag. Or cajole, or coax. Perhaps entreat. I don't nag, I encourage. I'm entreating you to come to bed, honey, because you're so tired and you need your sleep. I like it.

I got these questions here although I'm sure there are a bunch of similar sites out there. Play along if you'd like -- maybe post a comment linking to your answers?

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