Wednesday, December 08, 2010

More than just a writing prompt....

I'm finding Reverb 10 to be far more than merely a one-word writing prompt to help me write something daily.

What it has done is to help me truly look back at this past year and assess what happened to me, what effect it has had on me and mine, and to try to figure out where I want things to change so that I don't find myself at this time next year wondering where all that time went and to what end.

It's created some insightful and interesting conversations between me and my honey. It's enabling me to better know a girlfriend and to meet another through our daily exchanges.

And it's created another online community. And a spiritual practice.

Read this post for more about what it is, and this one for a wonderfully creative take on how it is impacting people.

See. We CAN change the world with just a small act.

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