Monday, April 11, 2011

"The Kennedys" reminds us that all things change

We watched  "The Kennedys" yesterday, a mini-series that originally was supposed to be on the History Channel but ended up on Reelz because it was, I guess, considered too controversial.

The primary characters, especially Greg Kinnear as JFK and Barry Pepper as Bobby, had mannerisms and even the physical attributes of their characters down pat. Katie Holmes as Jackie was maybe a bit too cute. Tom Wilkinson as Joe Kennedy Sr. was magnificent as the king-maker.

It showed some of the unhappier sides of the Kennedys, the closest thing to royalty that the US has had, including drug use and abuse, infidelity, and a great deal of wheeling and dealing. 

It was a part of history that we remember quite well, and we were almost shocked to realize that it's been nearly 48 years since JFK was assassinated -- a day that is forever burned into the memory of those who lived through it.

But what it also did was remind us how quickly things change and time passes. Those tragic and frightening memories happened a long, long time ago, and yet we can both remember our feelings and the circumstances of where we were and what we were doing like it happened last week. We remember the 'Camelot' atmosphere, we remember the Civil Rights marches and demonstrations, we remember the Bay of Pigs, and they greatly influenced who we were and how we lived.

It's another wakeup call to treasure this moment, this day, the people with whom we interact and love, because in an instant it's over and part of what was once. It's a reminder that everything changes, and that how we act and what we say can influence another person beyond anything we could imagine at the time. It's a lesson in making each day count, in remembering to tell your friends and family how much you treasure them and love them, and to say thank you, thank you, thank you.

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