Monday, December 19, 2011

Reverb11 - Day 19 - Lessons and Generosity

#1 Prompt: Lessons: What lessons did you learn about yourself this year?

#2 Prompt Being Moved - tell us about a time this year that you were moved by the generosity of another.

#1 -- What did I learn about myself? Hm.

I learned that I try too hard to control an outcome, especially for others (like my daughters), and that it is not only impossible to do (at least consistently) but also very hard on me. I learned that I need to take care of myself FIRST, not last or even somewhere in the middle -- and yes, I really did learn this one and have actively been practicing that. I learned that letting something go doesn't mean that you are abandoning it/them and being cruel and heartless, but that you are accepting your own inability to change the situation. You can still love someone and let go of them.

I learned that I really do like yoga and that its benefits are visible for me.

I learned to say no more often, especially to activities or people who I don't especially enjoy being around.

I learned that if I'm going to write, it needs to become a daily practice.

And I'm sure there were a bunch of other things in there too -- certainly there were lessons like that old patience thing that kept coming back.

#2 -- Generosity. I've already written in Reverb11 about generosity and how it moved me. I am always moved by the selfless actions of others -- for instance, there is a store in downtown Red Bluff that consistently holds drawings and drives for food and clothing, and the owner works hard to give back to the community. Thank you, Jessie and The Gold Exchange, for all you do and for showing me and so many others how to give  back.

There are many others in our community who generously volunteer time and service and goods, however: The Big Picture and We Shoot Ya Photography, the volunteers with PATH, and those who serve on boards and committees of organizations that help our town and county, to name a few.

Thank you for showing me generosity and kindness.

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