Saturday, December 24, 2011

Reverb11 - Day 24 - More on travel and a free-for-all prompt

#1 Prompt: Travel: Where did you travel to in 2011?  Where would you like to visit in 2012?  What does traveling mean to you?
#2 Prompt: Somebody Has to Say It…

#1 -- Already answered this in yesterday's post -- remember, I'm working off two different lists, and sometimes they overlap. But the part about 'what does traveling mean to you' is new, so let's give that a crack.

As a child, I traveled quite a bit with my parents in the back seat of whatever station wagon we had at the time. Since all our relatives were in other states, that meant trips to Minnesota, New Mexico, or Colorado, and all we had to amuse us were books and puzzles, and lots of singing -- my dad had a song for every occasion. More than once I was told to get my nose out of my book and look at the scenery. More than once I whined that my brother was taking up all the back seat, or that he was hitting me, or something. More than once we heard " don't make me stop this car."

But those trips were my travel foundation, and I love road trips best of any travel. It's an adventure getting to the destination (which often is less interesting than the journey) and I especially love taking back roads, which my folks also did. Nothing beats the Interstate system for expediency, but give me back roads for adventure.

Fortunately my husband shares my love of road trips, and I expect there will be several as we enter  into self-directed time in 2012. 
Travel usually includes a lot of eye candy, some interesting and historic places, good food, a few fascinating people if we're lucky, and a great appreciation of our own home. I'm looking forward to our next trip anywhere.

#2 -- Somebody has to say it: life is much shorter than we ever believe it is going to be. Spending that brief time remembering or regretting past actions is a complete waste of one's brief time. Look to the joys, be where you are each moment, love who you can and be kind to the rest.

Merry Christmas, wherever you find yourself. May you feel blessed and content regardless of what you may have waiting under the tree.

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