Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Reverb11 - Day 27 - Ah, more time. And the name of that book...you know, the one I should be writing?

#1 Prompt: Time: If you had 3 more hours in the day what would you do with them?  How do you want to spend your time in 2012?
#2 Prompt: Author! Author! - Share with us the title and inside jacket cover of the book you'd most like to write
#1 -- What would I do with more time? Read more. Maybe sleep one more hour. And maybe, sort of, use it to de-clutter one of the areas that needs it. Maybe. Then again, maybe not.

This year I really began to get into a routine for my days, and I'm sure 2012 will involve finding some new ones as Tony retires. I'd like to spend less time just putzing on the computer: I can spend hours going from link to link and reading blogs, news, shopping (although not necessarily buying anything), finding new sites. It is a time-sucker and there have been a few days when I've been fairly horrified at the amount of time I've spent online. I love the Internet, but sometimes I need better self-control, especially when I'm procrastinating doing something. So I'd like to be a little more discplined about how I choose to use my time, and make sure that I'm spending it on things that I love doing or that are necessary for the good of the order, and not squandering it.

#2. Oh, they WOULD ask this one. Okay. Title: "Old Musings and a Few Opinions".
Inside jacket copy: Some life lessons keep coming back for a reprise -- things like learning patience, seeing situations as they really are, and dealing with such issues as addiction, dysfunction, and trust. Mix all that with stories about family, children, friends, neighbors, and middle-of-the-night revelations, and you'll find universal truths and wisdom found through trial and error."
And there probably would be a bit more description. This might turn into a daily reading book with the quote/story of the day, or more of an Anne Lamott-style narrative story. I don't know yet. And I don't know if anyone would even want to read it. But that's the book I would probably work on first.

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