Monday, February 13, 2012

Do you really cook like this?

I just finished catching up on a couple of episodes of "The Pioneer Woman" on HGTV, which is followed by Paula Deen's show (so I caught a few minutes of that, even though I don't record her).

Perhaps it's my admittedly somewhat growly mood today, but I don't cook like either of these women and mostly never have. Oh, sure, I've made some marvelous ham/broccoli/cheese chowders and casseroles in my day, but it's always served with veggie sticks or a green or fruit salad, and I usually try to cut calories and fat by using reduced fat versions of the sour cream/half and half/milk. And no, this way of cooking didn't just start recently; I've cooked this way for decades.

And  I hear Pioneer Woman say, "Oh you can just use all milk (whole, of course) instead of half and half -- but why would you want to? (cute smirky smile)"

Memo toPaula and Ree (and yeah, most of the rest of the TV cooks): Do you think I don't know how delicious these soups/casseroles/desserts are with the full-fat versions and damn the calories and fat? Do you think you're forever going to escape the high cholesterol/triglycerides/blood sugar readings (well, we already know that Paula hasn't)?

Hmm. I wonder how long I'd live if I'd just toss out all the low-and-no fat versions of milk, cheese,. butter, sour cream, cottage cheese, and load up on the delicious bread bowls and pasta and biscuits (white flour, all), and fix luscious chocolate desserts and pies and clafoutis for dessert every night. There's rarely a salad to be found in their menus, and any veggies served are loaded with sauce, cheese, or butter, or all three.

With obesity rates climbing and diabetes rapidly affecting all ages, I just marvel that the cooking channels continue to feature meals based on starch, sweets, and fats. Oh yeah, they are good. I'd love to bite into one of those magnificent creations Right. About. Now. And then have what's left before bedtime. But I'd update my will first and make sure my next of kin know my final preferences.

Will anyone step up and actually put some cooking shows on there for the real people? The ones who eat a lot of salad and green veggies and fresh fruits and veggies, and try to limit portion sizes and stuff that clogs arteries and causes this epidemic of obesity?

Or maybe they just can't sell the ads. Perhaps people don't want to see healthy food cooked in pleasing, tasty ways? I'm not talking about tons of tofu and raw kale here. I'd just like to see a show that features food I'd not only LIKE to eat, but that I CAN eat without feeling guilty or without hurting my health.

I can't afford to eat the way Pioneer Woman or Paula cooks, not if I value my health. I'm betting you can't either. Maybe it's time to speak up? Think I'll write a letter....

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