Monday, December 30, 2013

Reverb 13: Day 30. Relationship management....

The prompt:
Relationships | Did you find a new best friend?  Delve deeper into a relationship?  Break up?  Get back together?  Tell us about who you added - or subtracted - from your life.  Why?

I think the word for relationships this year was DEEPEN.  
I am blessed with some wonderful women friends who are supportive and loving and loyal, and I felt that our relationships continued this year to grow in depth and feeling.  
I learned that there are some kind, caring people around me, not necessarily close friends, but I was touched by their help and concern for me in more than one situation. I intend to pay that forward.
A few others went to a back burner, although I don't doubt that there is still a strong support and connection, but life circumstances for all of us reduced our contact with each other.  
And there were a few beginnings of new friendships that I hope will grow in 2014. 
I did give myself permission to walk away from any situation or person who causes my gut to feel tense or uncertain, or when my spidey-sense tells me to leave it. I used that several times, and noted how I felt when I knew I would see a person or be in a situation that has not gone well in the past. If I felt anxious, I left it. Good for me.

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