Monday, December 02, 2013

Reverb 13: a look at 2013, Day 1

I do love writing to prompts, and there is such value in taking a look at the year that is ending, so once again I am participating in #Reverb 13.

There are at least two programs going with this hashtag, and I'm signed up for both. One is through Kat McNally, and you can sign up and find info here.

The other is titled Project Reverb and is hosted by another Kat, Sarah, and Meredith, whose blog I've read for a long time. Signup and info is here.

Already I'm a day late, but we attended A Cascade Christmas in Redding yesterday, and were out much of the day. It was, by the way, the perfect way to switch into holiday mode, with a lovely blend of nostalgia, warm fuzzies, a touch of religion, and a bunch of familiar carols, sung skillfully in one blended number by a group dressed in lovely Victorian garb. Tickets are still available for next weekend here.

Prompts for Dec. 1 were:
1. How do you feel, on this first day, in your mind? In your body? In your heart? In your soul?
2. At the start: Where did you start 2013?  Give us some background on this year.

Let's see if I can manage both, but beginning with #2.

New Year's Day found me sitting in Tony's recliner with my left foot plastered to the knee and propped up on multiple pillows. That's where I remained for most of January, venturing out only to the doctor for post-op exams, and once to get my shaggy hair cut and have lunch at the tail end of the month. I'd had a triple arthrodesis Dec. 27.

There were blessings to this forced convalescence, and I wrote about many of them early in the year. While there is still one of the fused joints still healing, the other two show new bone and fusion, but I can walk without pain and am very  glad I had the surgery. This year has been about healing and recovery, not only from the surgery, but from the fear and anxiety and angst I had had about it and other parts of my life.

With the exception of worry and fear about my daughter's safety and unbelievably awful living situation, at this moment my life is better than it has ever been. I am so grateful for the friends and neighbors who helped us during my recovery, and for the wonderful support and care that my husband gave to me then and always.

Which brings me to the first prompt: see that very first sentence on the last paragraph. That's how I am in my mind and heart. One thing I know: I can save one life, and it is not hers. That is up to her, and I have finally gotten out of her way so that she can continue her own journey. I cope better with it some times than I do others, but I am doing it. And I pray that her angels will keep her safe and help her to get away from the badly broken people who are living with her. She knows I love her.

I still feel fragile in my body, but it doesn't hurt and gets me where I need to go. Through the rehab I did this year, I finally understood that going to a gym has nothing to do with looking better and everything to do with getting stronger and more flexible. Yet I confess that the heat this summer did me in for regular visits, and I have not started back yet. My intention is to resume regular visits and classes because I know results will show quickly and I will feel better and less fragile.

I am continuing to focus on energy and spiritual work, and my connection to the Universe is strong and powerful, although I still would like a like-minded group to work with. My teacher Jessie has helped me tremendously this past year to dump bad energy and increase good, healing vibration and spirit, and I am grateful to her.


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