Monday, July 14, 2014

Reverb#14 for June: Staycation? Nope....

The prompt: Staycationing | It's summertime and the livin' is easy.  Tell us about where you are RIGHT NOW.  Tell us about your summer time at home.  Does "home" mean heading out of town for the season?  Does it mean an extended staycation?  What does summer at home mean to you?

We recently returned from two weeks spent in Chiloquin, Ore., near Crater Lake National Park. Two lovely cool weeks in our little Sallie Forth travel trailer, in a marvelous large site in Collier Memorial State Park. We used the electric blanket most nights. We used the furnace most mornings and evenings. At home, temperatures were in the 100s, dipping for a few days into the low 90s, but we left here in 106 degree heat.

And then we spent just an overnight in the San Francisco area -- I had an appointment with the cardiologist who will do my afib ablation later this summer -- and it too was gloriously cool, and we spent the afternoon exploring the areas where we met and used to live, watching waves crashing into the shore at the Pacifica Pier, eating seafood paella at a beachfront restaurant, smelling the salt air and the wild dill that perfumes  the coastline there.

And we are getting ready to go again: to the Seattle area to visit daughter and grandchildren, to have some quiet downtime by the ocean and also to explore some areas we've briefly visited but want to see more of.

Last summer, tired of the heat, we vowed to spend more time away from it this summer -- and we are. With 114 on our front porch today, it is too hot to enjoy anything except a good book and a tall glass of water with lemon. 


mxtodis123 said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer. Enjoy the ocean. She is so soothing to me.
114? And I thought we were bad. It's been a rough summer.

BBC said...

I've always figured that home was anywhere I was at, but I do like a home base.

This weekend I'm going to a mountain man rendezvous, next month I'm going to Newport, Oregon to visit a long lost daughter from a first marriage that found my recently after her mother died.

This fall I hope to go to Texas and S.D. to visit some blogging friends.