Monday, September 22, 2014

August Moon 14 Day 4: In my closet

What's hiding in your closet?

What, in your wardrobe, feels most like you?

 Eclectic applies here too. Although there are a very few items leftover from my more corporate work wardrobe -- a 'funeral' or Sunday church dress or two, some dress slacks, one lonely blazer -- most hangers hold decidedly casual clothes. Summer things include linen and cotton tops and capris -- it's too hot here to wear anything with a polyester vibe. Winter clothing features several pairs of jeans, some colored, most dark wash. Basic tees; a few boho tops and kurtas. A lot of long scarves. Fleece vests. Some cardigans, hooded and not. 

Lots of white and beige for summer since it just feels cooler. Lots of black for winter since it goes with everything. A few brightly colored or patterned tops in each season's offerings.

My winter favorites are two very boho, multicolored cotton knit hoodies; one in patchworky and slashed colors with black background, the other in a beautiful turquoise with embroidery and patchwork applique.

My summer favorites  -- right now I am so sick of hot weather that I no longer like any of them.

But my shoes are what I love most: Alegrias in chunky Mary Jane styles with fun patterns -- a Midnight Garden in black with twining flowers and leaves; a black pair covered in colorful cats; fun, funky daisies in primary shades; Aztec Tile with intricate, colorful half-inch squares; a silver and black zebra print; a more sedate black pair, but crinkled with icy etchings; athletic shoes with an unexpected purple paisley accent. They are comfortable, best of all, and work with my funky feet. 

No heels anymore. Nothing that hurts anything. I am all about comfort and fun these days.

The bohemian tops feel most like me anymore: a bit quirky, comfortable, sometimes colorful, perhaps a little retro. Maybe it's my inner hippie finally coming out? And while I admire the neatly put-together jackets and scarves and dark-wash jeans and boots that I often see on Pinterest (and rarely on the street, at least these streets), it's just not 'me' any longer. I want flowing and soft and loose and comfortable and a little unusual, either in the fabric or in the cut. I want scarves and long pendants and lots of bracelets and hoop earrings. All with my fun shoes. 

Mama Earth meets inner hippie with an occasional dash of grown-up. 

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