Thursday, September 25, 2014

August Moon Day 6: That fiery feeling

What are the signs that you are on fire? does it feel in your body when something really gets you going? Think about the last time you felt really turned on by something. Sink into the feelings and capture them as accurately as you can.
What is the catalyst for this feeling? What is it that you love about feeling this way? 

Ah.  And there lies the problem right now. I am not on fire about anything, not really. And I wish I were (ah, but read on....perhaps in introspection there is also fire!)

Right now all my attention is focused on me, my health, and getting stronger and continuing to feel good. That's where it belongs, too. I am my most important priority.

The reiki level 1 classes that I recently took were right on the mark, but in a different way than I've experienced before. The benefit was for me, not for a group or a cause. I learned new things and techniques, I was able to share that with a group of committed women who also were interested in learning and in sharing with each other, and I got to practice the techniques both on myself and on others in our class. It was a wonderful three days. It was a bonding time as well for some new friendships.

It was calmer, though, not fiery. Very intensely focused, totally present in the moment, and so much of it was internal. It was not a 'Save the World' moment, not even a passionate cause moment as I've experienced them in the past. It was quieter, very intense, draining even, and immensely joyful.

So maybe I actually WAS on fire, but differently. Huh. Hadn't thought of it like that.

I am committed to practicing reiki on myself and extending it to others, and to learning more about how it works and encouraging my intuition and the presence of Spirit in my life.  I want to grow the friendships I've begun (and deepen those already established): a community centered around Spirit has been one of the things I've felt lacking in my life for some time.'

I've believed for a long time that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. That's happening. Go, me!

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