Saturday, January 03, 2015

#Reverb 14, Day 27

Creature of Habit: Did you form a new habit this year?  Or continue with an old one?  Is it a good habit?  Or one you’d like to break?

Bad habits: Sleeping past 8 a.m., sometimes way past, because I read too late or don't go to sleep easily at night; indulging too readily in candy or milkshakes or cookies that I know are going to pack on the pounds (and which have) and do not contribute to good health; putzing too much on the iPad and/or computer during the day in lieu of getting some long overdue cleaning tasks done; not climbing on the exercise bike at least three times a week NO MATTER WHAT, or going regularly to yoga. 

Good habits:  Continuing to cook most of our food from scratch, thereby controlling salt intake and other not-good ingredients; carefully regulating carb intake for most meals; practicing gratitude every day; being intentionally kinder to myself and to others. 

Lots of room for improvement. But progress continues.

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