Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Too many words...not enough time

My head has been full of blog ideas but there simply hasn't been time to put fingers to keyboard and get them down!

Some good things: is Valentine's Day and this is the 10th one I've spent with my honey. What an incredible blessing he is! We are my favorite fairy tale...we knew from the first day we met that we were intended to be together, and while many things have changed in our lives, that love and caring and cherishing has only become deeper.

... the universe works in amazing ways. Just a day after the last post, we got a phone call from friends of some 15-20 years that we'd lost touch with...we had been thinking very intently of them and tried to find them on the Internet; they'd been doing the same. It's been two years and a big move for them since we were in touch -- and we will see them this summer when we visit the South!

... we are concentrating very hard on what we need and want for business this year, and I'm working to focus on the joy and gratitude in every situation, every event, rather than any negative feelings. It does make a difference.

...the Air Force Band concert this last weekend was simply wonderful. One piece -- Holst's "The Planets" and specifically the "Jupiter" selection -- inspired me to order the full CD from Amazon, and I have it in hand as well as another long ago favorite, "Pictures at an Exhibition." I'll have hours of pleasure from those two, and they will make the next dental cleaning event more easily endured.

More later...errands have gone from "whenever" to "gotta do it" status.

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