Friday, April 20, 2007

Doing the next right thing

Some time back, I wrote a little about The Secret and the little book It Works, and what our experiences with the latter have been. I've not yet read The Secret, but from what I understand the outcomes are similar.

It works. By directing your mind and your imagination and your beliefs toward what you want and need, doors begin to open for you. Oh, you don't sit back and do nothing. You write down your goals, your desires for right now, putting specifics with it -- timelines, dollar amounts, very detailed descriptions if you can, and then you read and re-read that list multiple times daily.

I believe energy and actions subtly realign in me to attain those goals. I see things happening in our lives that I know we've asked for and are focusing on. Some of the things that are happening aren't exactly how we expected them to happen, but the end result is what we asked for and have been working on.

It's interesting. The mind is so powerful, and we tap into so little of it consciously. I'm so very grateful for blessings that are coming to us now, small ones that are making a difference and will, I can see, lead to larger ones. I want to keep that focus, the gratitude and also the goals, foremost in my mind every day. I want to continue to do the next right thing, read those goals and realign them every day.

Thanks be. Blessed be.

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