Thursday, April 19, 2007

Our eroding rights

In a Cat-E-Whompus post today, my eloquent husband opines on yesterday's Supreme Court decision on partial birth abortion. It's a clear look at an emotionally-loaded subject.

Nearly 30 years ago I was involved in a grass-roots organization that reflected the faith-based points on view on reproductive choice. It's still around, still actively offering a religious point of view towards reproductive freedom that reflects the beliefs of the majority of American citizens. It is an organization that is subject to even more vehement attacks than the better-known prochoice groups such as NARAL because it is an organization of religiously affiliated groups that are working to preserve an individual's right to reproductive choice as a matter of religious liberty.

I have much to say about being prochoice, but I don't intend to use this as a soapbox (and besides, this is not primarily a political blog). I am a strong advocate for adoption. The two are not mutually exclusive. If you want more on my take, e-mail me at

Bottom line: every right we have to make our own choices for our personal religious beliefs and for our physical and mental health is in jeopardy because of this decision. Regardless of your beliefs on reproductive rights, be watchful of this Court. If they can strip away your right to make medical choices for your own health, they can strip away far, far more.


Anonymous said...

When I first moved to the North State I was looking everywhere for employment. I applied for many, varying jobs - one being at a clinic providing abortions in Shasta County. Many had applied for a job with certainty that emotionally they could handle the challenges faced there - myself included. The clinic sifted through all of the applicants and reduced the number of potentials to roughly 5 or so. I was one of the 5 and was invited back for a tour of the clinic. After being in one of the rooms where abortions were performed, seeing the equipment, feeling the "karma", I realized I could not participate in this service.

I support women's rights to choose however I do not support partial birth abortions. Exceptions for the health of the mother is fine as long as those exceptions are respected in the practice.

There is a moral continuum to this discussion that is much to involved for a blog I believe. I would just caution moral consistency in positions we take regarding the life of all.

Beth said...

Thank you for writing. I do understand your not being able to participate as a provider even while being prochoice. I believe that is the whole focus of being prochoice: being able to support another's right to make medical and moral choices for themselves, even if that choice is not one you would choose for yourself.

Anonymous said...

I do believe in individual choice, however, part of the social contract in a "civilized" society ia an agreement on basic moral issues. For instance - agreeing that taking life is wrong, sexual abuse is wrong, dishonest is wrong, etc. In that contract is the basis from which a society can function. If we say that taking the life of a baby, through partial birth abortion, is morally correct we then open the door to defining when it is correct to take life and who is free to make that decision. My ideas may be different than yours or others. It really is a slippery slope to go down.

Part of the problem in our country is the ability to justify any action no matter the consequences.

Beth said...

Thanks for your thoughts...I agree that there are definitely slippery slopes in all directions regardless of where you stand on that particular ridge.