Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Responsible continued...

Part 2....
Oh, I know how simplistic that sounds. But I don't know how to change anyone else. I only know how to change myself, and how to live with right intention and right action (even when I don't do it, I know how -- and not doing something is a CHOICE, even if it is made without thinking it through.)

I know, for instance, that our local mentoring program is one of those ways in which we individually can acknowledge our responsibility for helping children grow in positive directions.

There are programs to help persons who are poor or homeless, battered, abused, sick, disabled, challenged in some way. Every single one of those programs needs time from volunteers and money to keep the programs going.

We all need human touch, human kindness and compassion to be able to grow and develop into fully functioning, responsible, caring human beings. Most of us are lucky to find that through family or friends or even groups (sometimes family is not a positive influence).

But when we give back, we benefit too. We become better than we might otherwise be. We learn things about ourselves, and we touch people's lives. OUR lives are touched and changed, and we find hope. Even a shred of it can keep you going in a dark world.

Oh, how idealistic. I know.

But isn't it better than doing nothing? Than blaming the gun seller, the poetry teacher, the students, the university itself for what happened in Virginia and tsk-tsking over yet another tragedy and everyone's failure to notice this disturbed young man? Let's make a difference however, wherever we can. Here. Now.

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