Thursday, June 07, 2007

A couple of whammies

Every once in a while, I come across something that just wows me. It's so beautiful or profound or insightful or mind-boggling that it stays with me for days, provoking insights and more thought and creating questions or sometimes answering them.

Today was a two-fer.

First was this video, Shift Happens, on You-Tube, the amazing video slice-of-life Web site where Joe Average or Polly Prolific or Incredibly Intelligent upload their creations for anyone to view. This video is facts and statistics, and is simply mind-blowing. It is another reminder that everything changes....sometimes very rapidly.

Second was a blog post from Dianne Sylvan about spiritual paths and the effect of them on one's life. While she writes from a Wiccan point of view, what she says is valid regardless of one's spiritual beliefs. Whatever your path, she says, you will eventually experience three phases: ecstasy, practice, and breakdown. Her words smacked me upside the head, and if you're truly walking a path, you'll relate.

Some days are full of the same tasks, the same routine -- not that it's bad, but it is predictable and those days flow into another without anything to really differentiate them. Other days, like today, in the midst of the routine you get gifts from the Universe that wake you, shake you, and inspire you. Maybe they're there every day and I don't notice -- but today I did, and I'm grateful for the lessons.

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