Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Working on The Secret

I've been reading The Secret, lent to me by a friend who says she hasn't had a down day since she finished it.

It's a little different than our It Works that I've referenced in past posts, although the basic principle is the same. It's the Law of Attraction: what you think about is what you get, in a nutshell.

I've heard it for years and years: What goes around comes around. As a wo/man thinketh in his/her heart, so is s/he. Ask for what you want. Think positive.

What's really resonated with me in this first reading (and I haven't seen the movie yet) is the continual gratitude, beginning even before you open your eyes in the morning. Saying thank you to the universe for everything, saying it constantly, reminding yourself over and over how blessed you are to have what you do, to be where you are, to do what you can.

Some folks opt for gratitude diaries as part of their practice -- a good discipline. I say thank yous constantly -- for my husband, my life, my home, the kitties, for being able to see and hear and touch and smell and taste, for having two legs to walk on, and so on. Even the most crusty pessimist can find things for which to be grateful, if nothing more than a mind to think those thoughts!

And I'm practicing finding the gratitude in the people, places, and things that irritate me, too -- more of a challenge, I'll admit. The folks who tailgate me as I'm driving home -- perhaps they're anxious to get home to their families after being away all day, or to a much loved pet. People who stand in the 10 items and under aisle with a full cart -- so maybe they can't read, or didn't see the sign. Okay, so I'm stretching....

The point is that the irritation hurts ME, not them. If I turn my thoughts to gratitude for every moment, even the ones that aren't fun, it changes my attitude from a cranky, impatient one to one of patience and serenity, being able to be where I am in an attitude of gratitude.


Life is easier to live that way. It's calmer, better, much less stressful. I'm practicing thankfulness all the time. That is HUGE.

I'm working on the part where you live as though you already had that big bank account or new car on order, but I'm beginning to see the value in being positive about such things. And I have to believe I'm nicer to be around when I'm positive, hm?

You tell me. Meanwhile, I'll work on being grateful for being able to hear or see what you say, and for the venue and ability to write!


Anonymous said...

Read a little more about The Secret:

Beth said...

Great article! *grin*
I must confess that with The Secret, as with nearly every other practice or class or diet or procedure I've ever attempted, I put my own spin on it (*hearing strains of "I did it MYYYYYYY WAYYYYYY.") Like this Slate writer, I can't reconcile the gazillions of poor, sick, starving people in the world with the notion that they're bringing that into their own lives because they're picturing negative thoughts. What I CAN do is to work on my own stuff and believe that whether or not I get the million, the book contract, and so on, my life *will* be better if I work on gratitude and being positive.