Monday, January 14, 2008

A look back, continued

More 2007 observations:

More of looking back at 2007:

6. What was your biggest surprise? The universe provides what we need, and this summer we found new opportunities there for the taking, resulting in closing our real estate office.

7. What was the meanest thing you did? I told an old, meddling, nasty man,"F**% You!" In a meeting where there were people present who I don't know very well, if at all. I didn't whisper it, either. It bothers me only that I'm sure some of those people have a very negative impression of me now, when that is not the way I am. Hardly ever. But I'm also not sorry.

8. What was something you worried about that you don't worry about now? I worried about being able to get health insurance when ours -- and that of 8000 other Realtors -- was cancelled willynilly by Blue Shield. With Tony's job, we now have better and less expensive coverage. But I don't know that I'll ever really stop worrying about it -- I believe that health insurance companies are not our friends, ever.

9. What made you proud? My husband. With this career transition, he is traveling 500 miles a week back and forth to Chico, working hard and mostly cheerfully for a good company. It was quite a change from our four and a half years working together in our home office, and he's handled it like the professional he is.

10. Finally, describe a moment you want to remember. Last summer we visited Tony's hometown in Tennessee where he hadn't visited since the mid-'70s. It was full of nostaglic moments: visiting the graves of his grandparents and mother, seeing the houses he lived in, and the pines he'd planted some 40 years ago that are now towering over one of the homesteads. But a highlight was watching him talk with his high school debate coach and seeing the emotion ripple over his face first as the coach remembered Tony -- a thin, tall boy with lots of hair -- and then as he heard about long-ago friends, one of them at rest in the cemetery. It was very sweet-bittersweet.

So what was memorable about your 2007? Anything worth keeping?

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