Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Round 2? And a look back at 2007

It appears that the wind has calmed somewhat now, but I think everyone was a little nervous about today's forecast of high winds -- not as high as Friday's, but with gusts up to 40mph -- and more rain. I know I filled a tub and several water jugs just in case, and started thinking about batteries and candles again. The forecast calls for clouds and sun, though, for the next week.

We need more rain, to be sure, but it'd be nice to space it out some, and let PG&E finish up restoring power from last week's big blow. Of course that's about as controllable as ... um ... a teenager's moods.

But I can wish, can't I.

Sharon Randall writes the kind of columns that I'd love to do, and often try to emulate in this space, although my words are mostly much more undisciplined and tangential.

In today's writing, she asks about 2007 -- what did you do?

Some of these I have to contemplate; others are easier. But here are my answers to the first few questions:

1. What was the hardest thing you had to do this year? Let go of our daughters -- more precisely, to accept that their choices are theirs to make, their lives to live the way they choose, and that those choices will not necessarily be ones that we like or are comfortable with. It's an ongoing process, as is figuring out our own boundaries -- which they may not always like either.

2. What was the most fun? Being with our group of friends and neighbors -- like the Soprano Nights that we did for the final episodes of HBO's hit series. We'd share a meal or dessert, then watch the episode. Any time we get together, it's a party. We are very blessed!

3. What were the milestones? 60th birthdays for both of us. Closing the real estate agency.

4. What was your biggest accomplishment? Coming back to freelance writing and not only enjoying it, but pleasing those who are hiring me!

5. What's something you wanted to do, but didn't? Write a book...still. Lose the extra 15 lbs, and maybe even 20. Get some exercise more regularly. Same ol' stuff.

To be continued....

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