Friday, May 07, 2010

A night in the ER

...not another accident for me, but R was deep in hallucinations and a bad reaction to Wellbutrin, yet another drug to help ease her depression and mental issues. She'd been taking it a couple of weeks but was increasingly agitated and seeing or hearing things daily. Of course the goal with all the psych meds she's taking is to reduce those effects.

So off we went after seeking advice from Mental Health, and she effectively breathed into the hospital equivalent of a brown paper bag for a while and the breathing eased somewhat. She's off the drug, of course, but it takes awhile to get out of the system.

If it's not one thing with her, it's another. We go to regular doc today about migraines, then back to ER to treat two MRSA infections that have popped up. Seems like once you get one, you get them more frequently -- and she wipes everything at least weekly with bleach and antibacterial soap, so go figure.

So I left the little supper gathering we'd had here of several fellow photographers and went off to deal with medical issues. The group is understanding and supportive, and that helps a lot.

And then I wonder why I'm stressed and having my own issues, eh.

It's a new day, though, and will begin a weekend of friends and fellowship and some good food, and lots of time with my honey. That works for me.

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