Saturday, December 03, 2011

Reverb 11--Day 3

#1 Prompt: Generosity: Were you witness to or a recipient of generous action this year?  What can you give back in 2012? 

#2 Prompt: A Moment in Time. Tell us about one moment that you lived in 2011 that you will never forget?

#1: I've witnessed great generosity from people who give their time and talent for a cause: the Red Bluff Murder Mystery Dinner Theater cast and organizers were among those this year. (While I hesitate to name names here, it doesn't take a lot of sleuthing to find them.) Both cast and steering committee donated days and weeks to the project; most donated money or goods as well in the collaborative effort to raise money for the Tehama County Branding Project. It was heartening to watch that, and to be among the cast who put on a good show for the several hundred audience members to enjoy.  While it was not particularly good theater, it was really good entertainment, and I'm looking forward to seeing cast and crew again in 2012. The generosity of spirit and comradery lifted my heart for those weeks.

I watched similar generosity from a good friend who escorted her newly graduated mentee to begin college in Nebraska this year, as she did for the mentee's sibling last year. It wasn't enough that she had been instrumental in helping both young adults to find the school and significant financial aid; she physically got them there and helped them move in!  Her passion for helping young people is inspiring and I'm proud to call her friend.

#2 -- I wish I had a positive moment to remember here instead of the one I do. Sometimes the memories and reflections stirred up by these Reverb writing prompts are too personal to write much about in a public forum, and this moment was one. Let's just say it involved a relative and a discouraging discovery, and a subsequent 'come to Jesus' meeting that ended with me bursting into sad, hot tears as soon as I was alone.

Onward to Day 4.

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