Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reverb11 - Day 21 - What do I believe

#1 Prompt: BelieveWhat did you believe in this year?   Did your faith help propel you forward?  What do you want to believe in throughout 2012?
#2 Prompt: Party Time - Tell us about the "best" party you attended this year.
#1  -- I believe in the power each of us has to transform our own lives. I believe that there is more to the Universe than is visible to our eyes. I believe that I am loved and cherished by at least one other person in this world. I believe that the only life I can save is mine. (I don't think I believe anymore that people are basically good at heart, however.)

And yes, each of these beliefs helped me to move forward this year and to change some attitudes and  behaviors, and each of them gave me strength to move through adversity. I want to keep believing in these things for 2012 because they all give me hope, and honestly, there were times this year when I found hope hard to see, at least in a few situations.

You really don't want the details.

#2 -- I pretty much answered this in yesterday's post about gatherings. I'm not a big party person, honestly. I like getting together with friends, but not necessarily in large groups. The RB Murder Mystery Dinner was a great party because of the atmosphere, the expectations, and the great people I got to work with.


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