Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reverb11 -- Day 22 -- Changing views and passion

#1 Prompt: YouView:  What video or show changed your view on something this year?  What did it teach you about your life or experience?
#2 Prompt:Passion - If you could quit your day job and your quality of life wouldn't change, what would you do?

#1 -- Huh. A video or show, hm? I'm going to have to take a pass on this one for the time being. While I watched plenty of shows, and some of them made me happy or made me cry, I really can't think of one that actually changed my view on something. There were a couple of theater performances that were pretty awesome -- but didn't change my view, unless it is that when you put good actors with meaty scripts, magic is made. But i knew that already. 

Will think on it more.

#2-- Quit my day job? Did that already. The quality of my life went up dramatically. Actually, the last 'day job' I had where I was salaried was over in late 2002 when the company included me in what had become semi-annual layoffs. I was on medical disability at the time too, and not planning to go back to work until after the first of the year -- actually, that wouldn't have happened either, because we were moving to Red Bluff in mid-January. But they fired me. I was SO glad. 

Right now I'm doing what  I want to be doing for the most part, which is taking care of house, garden, cooking, and doing a fair bit of reading and putzing and some writing. I want more of all of it. I'm RETIRED! 

But I don't have a grand passion right now. I'm keeping an eye out for something that fits that particular niche, and working hard on taking care of ME. That's something fairly new for me, so it still feels odd and rather selfish. I'm working on that too.

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