Monday, December 16, 2013

Reverb 13, Day 15: Senses and my tether

1. Give us a sensory tour of 2013. How would you describe the year that’s passing in terms of: 
2. Anchor | What kept you tethered in 2013?

1.  Ocean. Ocean. Ocean. We spent long hours multiple times by Mama Ocean this year, and I can close my eyes and see the sun sparkling on the waves that are rolling into the wide sand beach, hear the crashing collision of water with land and the gulls squabbling over a morsel, smell the slightly fishy, moist, salty air that is so distinctly coastal. In a few spots, sea lions barked their conversations as they hoisted glistening, fat bodies onto barnacled rocks or warm spots on the sand. More than once the coast was shrouded in damp grey fog, parting now and then with a gust of wind to show us the chill grey sea but muffling the incoming swooshing waves to mere whispers as they met land. At the docks, the fishy scent intensified and so did the gulls' cries as they sparred for fish parts from boats or fishermen who were cleaning their catches. 
We are  blessed every day to see our rolling hills and oak trees stretch out from our windows, and to hear the finches twitter as they devour thistle seed at the feeders or the hummingbirds' distinctive squeaky chirp high in the trees, or the cry of a roving hawk on the prowl for dinner.  We see the ocean far less often, but her sights and smells and sounds remain for me the most memorable.
Taste is more difficult to narrow for the year. I savor my morning cup of coffee, a hearty Black Tiger. But I also love the anticipation of an afternoon cup of elegant Earl Grey, or the magical Tulsi Rose tea. The gooshy sweet of browned marshmallow topped with sweet Hershey's milk chocolate on a freshly opened stack of graham crackers tells me we're camping and enjoying a fire -- that's pretty much the only time I eat s'mores. When I slow down and practice eating meditatively, every taste becomes a new experience -- but I don't do that even daily. Maybe more of that in 2014.
Touch: my favorite is always kitty fur, grey or white or ginger or yellow or calico -- but I also love to touch my husband and usually sleep with one hand touching him. His warmth and steady breathing comfort and ground me. I spent a lot of time sitting this year because of my foot, and I had a warm cat in my lap much of that time. Even now, McMurphy usually finds my lap when I sit down first thing in the morning to sip coffee and check email, and I love feeling his weight, his warmth, and his soft fur.
2. My tether is my husband, my dear soul mate. He pulls me back into the here and now when my fears and imagination take me way out into the ozone, he listens to me figure out a problem and will offer his perspective gently and calmly. He tells me every day that I am dearly and deeply loved, and how lucky he feels -- and I tell him the same. He was the steady constant caretaker as I recovered from surgery this year, doing all my chores as well as his own and never once complaining. He still fixes us breakfast every morning and cleans up the dishes after meals. He tends our finances carefully and promptly. He is an avid reader of news, blogs, magazines, and books, and conversation with him is always interesting and easy. We take good care of each other, but both of us feel like we are the luckiest one in our relationship -- and what an incredible gift that is! The day we met was the best day of my life, and I am constantly grateful for his constancy and deep love for me. How blessed we are!

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Kat McNally said...

The gifts of the sea and the heavenly taste and textures of s'mores? That sounds like the recipe for a great life to me! x