Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Reverb 13, Day 16:

1. Habits and addictions, some are silly, some serious; when we have issues without answers, they can hold us so tight that we stop moving forward with the life we intended.
Were you able to loosen those fetters this year, and if you were successful, how did you manage it? Did you accept outside help, or work alone?
If you still feel that grasp of addiction or hurtful habits, what will you do differently in the year to come?
2. 1,000 Words | There's the old saying that a photo is worth 1,000 words.  Give us a photo with that impact that sums up some significant even of your 2013, or give us 1,000 words about a pivotal moment in 2013.

1.  While I have issues without answers, I suppose, I don't really classify them as 'addictions' or 'habits.'  I am no stranger to either, mind you, but they also are old, old news.

I have indeed taken steps in 2013 to address things that have occupied far more mind time than I really want to spend thinking about them, and will continue that process into 2014.  

For those who are battling addiction to anything, get help. A 12-step program is available for just about any possible issue these days, especially in California where everyone has a 12-step story. And it works as long as you work it.

2. This is not my photo, but I have an xray that looks almost identical. My triple arthrodesis recovery was probably the most significant event this year for me. Yay! It's good!


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Kat McNally said...

Great to hear that addictions and habits are old news, Beth! x