Friday, December 27, 2013

Reverb 13: Day 25. Wanting something

The prompt:
Covet | What did you covet this year?  Are you working towards getting that or just admiring it from afar?  Is it a tangible thing or just an idea?  Tell us about what you've got your sights on.
 When I first read this prompt, I began thinking of material things, especially since Christmas is here and the focus is all about gifts under the tree. But for the most part, at this point in our lives, when we want something, we get it -- okay, maybe not EVERYthing, but things for the house, for us, for the cats. 
That's why my parents were so hard to buy for -- because they bought what they wanted or needed, pretty much. That's why we have trouble thinking of gifts we want., much less need.
And yes, I know how extremely fortunate we are to even be able to say that.
We are not extravagant people, however. We live simple lives and have never spent money we didn't have to get the shiny object we coveted at the time.  If we won the lottery -- and you gotta buy the ticket first, which I don't do because I never think of it -- I would certainly enjoy spending money, but much of it would be for other people. Oh, I'm sure I could think of a few things....but not out of NEED. 
What I covet can't be bought. 
I want my daughters to be in healthy, loving, supportive relationships, with enough money to take care of their needs, without drama from ex-spouses or boyfriends. I want good, solid physical and mental health for them (and for us). I want to have relationships with my children and grandchildren that are fun, loving, friendly, and healthy. I don't want to worry about their choices and their safety and their living situations.
If you have such a relationship with your children or your parents, be grateful ALL. THE. TIME. 
I am grateful for what we DO have and know that relationships take work and love and kindness.  Maybe we'll get there yet.

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