Thursday, December 26, 2013

Reverb 13: Day 24: Driving me crazy

The prompt:
Crazy | What one little thing drove you crazy this year?  Was it unique to this past year or has it been buggin' you for a while?  How do you intend to get rid of it or resolve it in 2014?
 Actually, I tend to be pretty mellow about stuff like that, I think, in general. If something bugs me a lot, I change whatever is keeping me in contact with it, if possible. 

The financial gatekeeping for my daughter's finances got REALLY old this year, though, as she spun into a fairly destructive cycle with her boyfriend, and I am so glad to be out of that. The new payee is an agency and will not be emotionally involved. Ultimately her decisions about how to manage her money are hers, not mine, and it won't follow me into 2014, although a new kind of relationship with her will.

Something far, far more trivial and recent is that awful commercial on TV for Charter, where the stupid sexy angel-babes sing the phone number over and over again. I mute it. Tony laughs. I hate it. I wouldn't order the service based on nothing more than that obnoxious commercial.

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