Monday, December 30, 2013

Reverb 13: Day 28. Tears, tears, tears....

The prompt:
Cry it out | What moment in 2013 brought tears to your eyes?  Are you usually a crier?  Or did tearing up take you by surprise?
 Lordy, when didn't I cry this year!
I've written before about the 'leaky face syndrome' that I share with many other family members. As I get older, it gets worse. That means I puddle up at those email or Facebook stories that are meant to touch your heart, at Hallmark card or the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials on tv, at various television shows and movies and plays and performances, at kindness towards me or my family or feelings of gratitude -- actually, I can puddle up just sitting in my chair.
I puddle when I see old friends again, like my dear girlfriend Julie who visited her in November and it was like we'd never been apart. I puddle when my husband does sweet things for me, every single day. I puddle when I think of how very blessed I am and how grateful I am to 
I just had a phone call from someone who is trying to help my daughter get out of her situation, someone within the system who has recruited other people to help too, and I had to work to keep a huge quaver out of my voice (failed at that) and not to break down in tears. I have held back many tears this year, partly because I feel like if I start that cycle of fear and anger and loss and worry that I won't stop for days.  I can work up a pretty good head of irrational steam just thinking about all the what-ifs and shoulda-coulda-wouldas in that situation, and that's when I need to stop and let the angels have the worry and fear and projection because it's not something I can do a thing about, not really. R has to drive that bus, not me.

So anyway, yes. I am a crier. I am a puddler. I am surprised when I DON'T puddle up at things kind and loving and sentimental and touching. 

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