Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's all "stuff" -- so why do I keep it?

Just in time for me to start cleaning out the office, getting rid of the old and making way for the new, here is a fabulous article about clutter and reasons we cling to it -- by Christine Kane.

I don't need to tell you that I could think of something in this house for each of the reasons she outlined. There's a tags-still-on-it denim jacket that I bought online (for a very, very low price on clearance) that has never been worn by moi: the pockets don't look right on me, it's a little too big, and it would have cost more to return than it was worth. It's hanging in the spare room closet, waiting for heaven knows who.

I have drawers full of stuff that is homeless: too cute-interesting-clever to pitch, but what am I really going to do with it? Probably pitch it when/if we ever move out of this house while I'm packing boxes....just like I have done in every move I've ever made.

I have books, clothing that is "too good" to throw away or use for rags, miscellaneous household stuff, and knickknacks sitting in the spare room waiting for the garage sale that I *must* schedule with my neighbors for this fall. Sometime. I have boxes of old Kensington mice and trackballs and laptop cases that really need to be discarded or given away (or put in that garage sale).

I'm marginally better about getting rid of magazines, although I hate just throwing them away -- I'd rather pass them onto folks who'd enjoy reading them, and that is what happens with at least a couple of subscriptions. I still have far too many Cooking Lights and Sunsets, however, and the reality is that I won't really go through them and clip articles.

Actually, I have file folders full of clipped articles and recipes from such magazines from those times when I DID go through them. Somewhere.

I will be ruthless this time. I will put things in three piles: pitch, save, give away. And then I really will pitch and give away. Really.

I'll let you know when the garage sale is planned.

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